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Reduce. Redistribute. Repurpose.

Food waste is becoming a widely discussed topic, but progress to reduce it is still moving too slowly. The Food Waste Doctor works on both consumer education and alongside companies to support food waste programmes. The focus of these projects is always to first reduce the amount of food wasted, second see if it can be redistributed to further reduce waste and food poverty and finally if it can be recycled into energy through anaerobic digestion or fertiliser through composting.




The company works with various members of the food and packaging supply chain and local councils to support food waste reduction efforts. This work includes conducting research to identify current barriers and the best way forward to reducing food waste, producing educational programmes and identifying opportunities for the company stemming from food waste reduction. Many businesses pay 3x over food that is wasted. First when they purchase it. Second through the loss of profit from not selling it. Third when they pay for disposable and/or landfill tax. Reducing food waste provides huge opportunity to improve a companies 'Triple bottom line' - their social, environmental and economic profit.


In Western countries such as the UK and US, the greatest amount of food waste stems from consumer homes. The Food Waste Doctor utilises social media for the discussion of food waste, its impacts, and tips for reducing waste in the home. Its aim is to educate on the catastrophic environmental, economic and social impacts of food waste and to start people thinking and talking about the issue in the hopes of making change a little at a time. We also run workshops with the public and schools to teach more about food waste and how to reduce it in the home.


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