The secret to weight loss instead of food loss

Something which is not talked about enough is the relationship between nutrition and food waste. In this article, I take a look at one of the ways the two overlap and provide tips to reduce waste and waist.

New year, less waste?

If you still need an eco-friendly, waist-friendly and pocket-friendly new years resolution, here's one for you!

How meal planning can save your waistline, stress levels, time and money

Can setting aside 30 minutes a week to plan your meals really help keep you happier and healthier?

How to carve your pumpkin and eat it too

If you love carving jack'o'lanterns at Halloween but hate waste check out these tips on how to keep the tradition alive whilst saving the insides of the pumpkin for breakfasts, lunches and dinners!

Don't fall for green-washing straw alternatives

In the midst of the anti-plastic movement, food is once again becoming the casualty of war as more and more food-based straw alternatives pop up claiming environmental credentials. But are we just replacing one wasteful practice with another?

Why should we care about food waste?

I hear the phrase 'but it's biodegradable' on a frequent basis. But there's much more to the environmental impacts of food waste. From Greenhouse gases caused during break down to deforestation and species extintion I'll explore some of the key environmental impacts of food waste here.

Food Waste Vs. Packaging Waste

In this article, I explore the relationship between food and packaging waste and whether, in some cases, there might be an environmental argument for packaging.

How to avoid waste in restaurants

Dining out can be tricky as an environmentally-conscious consumer. Here are some key tips for reducing your impact and still being able to enjoy a dinner out.

Portioning when cooking

Getting the correct portions can be tricky and getting it wrong is a big contributor to food waste in the home. Here are some ways of keeping on top of it.

6 ways caring about food waste has improved my life and my health

Trying to reduce your food waste levels can be daunting when you first start. So here are a few ways it's helped me over the years to keep you motivated.

4 Reasons you SHOULD cry over spilt milk (and tips on how to reduce it)

As the old adage goes 'there's no point crying over spilt milk'. But is crying the least we should be doing?