How to carve your pumpkin and eat it too


I love this time of year: the colours, the smells and the pumpkins! I've been carving a pumpkin (and watching Hocus Pocus!) every year since I was tiny and it's a tradition that, like many, I don't want to give up. But at the same time its really important that we remember that pumpkins are food. In fact, 100g of pumpkin contains over 100% of your daily recommended Vitamin A which strengthens your immune system and supports vision and healthy skin.
But despite this 8 MILLION pumpkins are thrown away around this time of year in the UK. And unlike Americans, we don't tend to use the insides of our Jack'o'lanterns before disposing of them. Luckily I think we can work around this and have our cake AND eat it!

So if you're pumpkin carving make sure you follow these three instructions and then check out TFWD recipes available on the Waste-less recipe page.



(You can see here where I got a little overzealous with getting all the flesh out of my pumpkin!)


1. Separate out the seeds from the goop, wash them off and dry them on a kitchen towel, then store them in a Tupperware box.

2. Scoop out the gooey guts and put them in separate tupperware. Leave the pumpkin for 3-4 hours.

3. Come back and scoop the thicker, more solid flesh. If you've left it a few hours the flesh should have dried a little making it easier to scoop. Make sure you get as much of this out as you can. I use the rule of thumb that when I can feel my actual thumb on the inside of the pumpkin with my hand on the outside, you're there!

By the end, you should have three tupperware pots brimming with nutrients and the ingredients for the delicious recipes! Oh, and Halloween Jack'o'lanterns of course! Make sure you share pics of yours with me!



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