Lentil Stew

This rich, creamy lentil stew is such a great base to add all kinds of veggies too, especially the bits that are often overlooked like cauliflower greens and broccoli stems.



Time: 20 minutes (no, really.)

Makes: 2 servings


1tsbp oil

2 cloves garlic

1.5 tsp cumin

Roughly 300g extra veg (In this example I've used just green veg but get crazy and experiment)

1 can of green lentils in water (check ingredients to make sure there's no added salt. You can also use dried, please see below recipe for instructions on this)

1 vegetable stock pot

1.5 tbsp creme fraiche (I use the Oatly kind to make it vegan)

Pro tip: In this example, I've used 1 courgette, 4 asparagus spears, broccoli stems, 1/2 pack of green beans and two handfuls of chopped spinach.  The key is to separate the veg which takes longer to cook like asparagus and broccoli stems and add them at the first stage of cooking.


  1. Chop all veg into bite-size chunks.
  2. Throw garlic and cumin into oil on medium heat and stir for about 2 mins to prevent burning.
  3.  Add the first round of veg, the thicker stuff which takes longer to cook like asparagus and broccoli stems, stir for another 2 mins.
  4. Add in the whole can of lentils, including the water, and the stock pot and bring to the boil. Stir every now and then for 6 minutes or until the liquid has reduced down to a 1/2.
  5. Reduce heat to bring down to a simmer and add in the quicker cooking veg like the courgette and green beans. Cook for 3- 4mins.
  6. Take off heat and stir in creme fraiche. You can add a squeeze of lemon and some fresh parsley for added flavour but it's just as delicious without. Enjoy!


  1. Serve with fresh crusty bread, rice, couscous or just on its own.
  2. If you wish you add some additional protein do so at step 4. We sometimes throw in half a pack of Quorn vegan pieces, if you do this make sure to add about another 50ml of water as it soaks it up quite quickly. Otherwise, you can chop up and extra bits of meat like chicken and throw it straight in but make sure you cut them small enough to cook all the way through.